Lobo Movie Back On At WB With A New Writer


Is this the latest example of what’s become known as the “Deadpool effect”?

Lobo, a brutally violent space-fairing DC Comics antihero, was set to be adapted for the big screen back in 2012 with San Andreas director Brad Peyton at the helm – but since then there’s been no news (aside from The Rock claiming to be involved that is), so it was generally assumed that the project fell by the wayside.

However, now The Wrap reports that Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs has been hired to pen a new draft of the script.

Could Warner Bros.’ rejuvenation of one of their more adult-orientated characters have anything to do with the success of Fox’s R-rated Deadpool movie, perchance? There will certainly be many who believe that’s the case, but of course, it remains to be seen if the film will even aim for an R rating.

From the sounds of the report, Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman may still be on board as producers, but there’s no indication that Peyton will remain in the director’s chair.

Tell us, are you excited that the Lobo movie finally looks to be on the road to development? Drop us a comment below with your thoughts.