Logan’s Boyd Holbrook Calls Dafne Keen “Spectacularly Talented”


The overwhelmingly positive reviews for James Mangold’s Logan hit the web this past Friday, and if you had a read through them you’ll no doubt have noticed the pretty much unanimous praise for Dafne Keen, who plays Laura, AKA X-23. For the majority of Logan‘s runtime, Keen plays the character as mute, but what she’s able to accomplish with her eyes and body language (not to mention a ferocious battle cry on occasion) is nothing short of remarkable.

Because of how impressive Keen is in the role, everyone that’s seen the film is wondering what she’ll do next, and one of her castmates is no different. During an interview with Screen Rant, Boyd Holbrook – who shares several scenes with the young actress as the cybernetically enhanced Donald Piece – is full of praise for his co-star, expressing disbelief at the things she’s capable of in the film.

I’m just really interested to see what Dafne [Keen] does next. You’ve got a 12 year old girl who’s spectacularly talented and if she never acts again a day in her life, that’s fine with me too. I’m just so overwhelmed, or I guess confused, how someone so small and so young can do such terrific things

It will indeed be very interesting to see where Keen goes from here, and whether she’ll return to play X-23 again or not. Though that might seem like a no-brainer for Fox, remember that this character is currently stuck in a future timeline, whereas the current main saga movies are still playing out in the past.

Though a time-travel element was introduced in Days of Future Past, one would assume the studio will be hesitant to revisit such an easy plot fix. Then again, continuity has never been much of a concern for the X-Men films, so perhaps Laura will just… show up. Time will tell.

Logan is set to claw its way into theaters everywhere on March 3rd.