Logan Engages In A Standoff In Tense First Clip


Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine may be curiously clawless in the tense first clip for Logan, but he’s by no means toothless.

Proving that the former X-Men member doesn’t always need his adamantium claws to be a badass, the latest promo for James Mangold’s imminent threequel finds Jackman’s grizzled lead squaring off against a group of armed goons. Their target? Eriq La Salle’s unassuming farmer, who finds himself in some form of land dispute. Cue Logan stepping out of the shadows to protect his mysterious ally – there’s still no mention of La Salle’s character at the time of writing – before snapping a shotgun over his knee to send the perpetrators packing.

Though it’s too soon know for sure, it appears as though 20th Century Fox’s latest promo is lifted from the second-half of Logan, at a time when Hugh Jackman’s anti-hero is forced on the run with Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Laura/X-23 (Dafne Keen). Hunted by Boyd Holbrook’s Pierce and his band of enhanced Reavers, exactly where Stewart and Keen’s allies are in this scene is up for question, though it’s possible La Salle’s character has welcomed our leading trio under his roof in order to lay low from their villainous pursuers.

We’ll find out when Logan claws into theaters on March 3rd. Indeed, Fox’s third solo Wolverine movie may well signal an opportunity for Hugh Jackman to don the iconic yellow suit. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. But as James Mangold’s R-rated actioner is set to close the book on Jackman’s X-Men career after nine movies in the space of two decades, now is as good a time as any for Wolvie to slip into the fan-favorite costume.

Logan Poster