Logan Looking At An Impressive $60 Million Debut


Even though James Mangold’s Logan is still two weeks away from release, box office analysts have shared their early estimates for its March 3 opening weekend, and if they’re accurate, 20th Century Fox’s final solo Wolverine movie should have a pretty impressive debut.

According to experts (via The Wrap), tracking for Logan currently lies in the $55 million to $60 million range. Mangold’s previous X-Men spinoff, The Wolverine, opened to $53 million in 2013 – and that was a summer release, just to put things into perspective. However, Warner Bros.’ Kong: Skull Island opens the week after, followed by Disney’s live-action take on Beauty and the Beast on March 17 – and if those massive blockbusters have anything to say about it (which they will), Logan‘s healing factor is going to have to kick into overdrive to stay afloat.

It’s also important to mention that the movie’s R-rating could also play a role here. While it didn’t hurt Deadpool, Wolverine is a character that a lot of children and younger teens are used to catching up with in theaters, and this latest adventure will have to do without their support. That said, the iconic mutant should have more than enough older fans to make up a lot of those numbers, and there’s also the added draw of this (supposedly) being Hugh Jackman’s final time in the claws.

Logan is set to receive its world premiere tomorrow at the Berlin International Film Festival, and the review embargo is expected to lift shortly after. Be sure to keep your eye on WGTC as we’ll have our very own review for you later this week.