Logan Miller Joins Cast Of Scouts Vs. Zombies


Logan Miller is the newest addition to the cast of Christopher Landon’s upcoming horror comedy Scouts Vs. Zombies. Miller’s star has been steadily rising over the past few years, beginning with his role in Disney XD’s I’m In The Band. He’s had small yet memorable parts in recent films like The Bling Ring and Night Moves as well, but this could certainly be the role that propels him to mainstream stardom.

Meanwhile, Landon’s career has been on a steady incline since he wrote the screenplay for the surprise hit Disturbia, not the mention the last four installments of the hugely profitable Paranormal Activity franchise. He stepped into the director’s chair on the most recent edition of Paranormal Activity (spinoff The Marked Ones) and submitted one of the better entries in the series, which only adds to my excitement for this upcoming film. The duo of Miller and Landon may be the recipe for Hollywood’s next big horror franchise – we’ll just have to wait and see.

Also exciting is the presence of the underrated Tye Sheridan as the lead scout. He delivered virtuoso performances in Mud and The Tree Of Life, holding his own with Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey in the former, and rising to meet the challenge of Terrence Malick’s brilliant, confounding vision in the latter.

Scouts Vs. Zombies follows a class clown, played by Miller, as he longs to finally leave the Scouts, which is hindering his status with the cool clique at his high school. Upon returning from a camping trip with his troop, he learns his town is under siege from a zombie attack. This forces him and his fellow scouts into action and puts their survival skills to the test.

The film begins shooting in May and as always, we’ll keep you posted when we have more details.

Source: Deadline