New Evidence Suggests That Loki Survived Avengers: Infinity War After All


The massacre at the end of Avengers: Infinity War often gets most of the attention when discussing the movie, but that doesn’t mean fans have forgotten the major death that kicked off the bloodthirsty blockbuster. When Thanos attacked the Asgardian refugee ship the Statesman, Loki bravely sacrificed himself to save his brother, seemingly completing his redemptive arc that began in Thor: Ragnarok

Seeing as the God of Mischief has fooled us once before in faking his death though, many Marvel fans aren’t buying that he’s really gone for good. In fact, one individual has now noticed an easily-missed detail about Loki’s death scene in Infinity War that might prove that he survived his tussle with Thanos and it’s not just wishful thinking on our part.

Reddit user @Radkarth has pointed out that Loki’s seen to be right-handed across his many appearances in the MCU to date – anytime he’s involved in combat, he wields his weapon with his right. However, he’s used his left hand in two scenes in the franchise: he holds a dagger in his southpaw during his fake death in Thor: The Dark World and again in Infinity War, when he stabs Thanos.

As we know, this version of Loki in The Dark World turned out to be one of his holographic duplicates, so you could theorize that it uses the opposite hand to the Asgardian as it’s a kind of mirror image of him. With that in mind, could the same reasoning be true of his final scene in IW? We sure hope so, as if the use of Loki’s left hand is deliberate, it’s a smart, subtle detail that shows a lot of thought on the filmmakers’ part. And kudos to this fan for spotting the connection.

Of course, this easily-overlooked detail also gels with the previously-discussed fan theory that the Loki that died in Avengers: Infinity War was merely a hologram. If you’ll recall, that idea rested on the character’s apparent selflessness seeming at odds with his personality, but now there’s some actual evidence to prove it. And with Avengers 4 not arriving until next May, we’ve got lots more time to perfect the theory yet.