Loki Will Reportedly Get 2 New Love Interests In The MCU

Loki (1)

Tom Hiddleston’s performances as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have won him a legion of fans and had millions swooning at his darkly charming and charismatic run as the God of Mischief, but the vast majority of the franchise’s major superheroes would much rather see him gone from the MCU completely than take him out for a candlelit dinner.

After all, having betrayed almost everyone he’s ever come into contact with, and some of them on several occasions, Loki more than lives up to his title as a mischievous trickster, and hasn’t let anyone get close to him. Thor may have tried a few times, but the fan favorite character clearly only has his own interests at heart and would much rather look out for himself.

All that being said, insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that Loki will be getting a romantic subplot throughout Phase Four, presumably in both Thor: Love and Thunder and his own limited series. Not only that, but the Asgardian will apparently find himself involved with both a man and a woman. Taking to his Patreon account, here’s what the tipster shared:

Loki will have two love interests in MCU soon one female one male.

It isn’t clear yet how these two characters will factor into the overarching narrative, or even who they may be, but with the upcoming Disney Plus Loki show set to take the form of a time traveling adventure, his new beaus could literally come from anywhere across the galaxy. Regardless, the God of Mischief has always been selfish and self-centered, so seeing him romantically involved with someone will certainly be interesting, especially since he’s often depicted as a relatively straightforward villain.