Lone Ranger Gets The Green Light

After weeks of will they or won’t they Deadline reports that Disney will announce next week that Lone Ranger is back on track. It is reported that they are eyeing a January-Febuary 2012 start, which just may keep it on track for its original December 21st, 2012 release.

Johnny Depp is still in the saddle to play Tonto and Armie Hammer is also set to ride as the Lone Ranger. Ruth Wilson, best known by her role alongside Idris Elba in Luther, is also expected to return as is Rango director Gore Verbinski, who is still helming the project. This will be Depp’s fifth collaberation with Verbinski, the first three being the original Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy and the this years Rango.

Futhermore, it has been reported that Disney have accepted a budget of $215 million dollars, a reduction from the original $250 million. However, some names that are unlikely to return are Tom Wilkinson, Dwight Yoakam, Helena Bonham Carter, Barry Pepper and James Badge Dale. We still may see some of these actors join the project, however, most of them have busy schedules and the shift in start date may keep them from re-joining the film.

Personally, I’m very excited to see this project get off the ground. I think it’s a great vessel for Depp, and the project seems to really be a passion of his. With Verbinski behind the camera, and Depp in front, I can’t see much going wrong here.

Lone Ranger is expected for release in either late 2012, or mid 2013.