Looking Forward To The Beaver?

An added bonus for SXSW attendees, The Beaver is slated to have its world premiere at the Austin film festival as part of the Headliners film line-up. Just when you think Mel Gibson can’t sink any lower, out comes the trailer for upcoming drama The Beaver. Yes, you heard right. And it’s not an euphemism. Gibson stars opposite Jodie Foster (who also directs) in a moving emotional drama in which Gibson plays a depressed, insane family man who talks through a beaver puppet he wears on his hand.

Summit Entertainment has set a tentative release date for this Spring, and some in Hollywood wonder why they didn’t release this in time for Oscar consideration. Uhhhmmmm…I can think of a few reasons. Firstly, Gibson’s on-screen craziness may be a little too true to life. Secondly, no matter how great his performance is (and he always plays the same character so…ehh), I don’t see any drama surrounding a beaver hand puppet having any lasting artistic merit. And thirdly, Gibson’s controversial real-life shenanigans have landed him in litigation and general public censure that might have pushed back the release date.

I posted the newest trailer below for your consideration. Judge for yourself if this is going to be the film of the century, or just another embarrassment for the much harassed Mr. Gibson.