It Looks Like Korg Will Square Off With The God Of Thunder In Thor: Ragnarok


During the opening few minutes of Thor: The Dark World, you may recall the God of Thunder squaring off with a monstrous rock creature who he made short work of with a blast from Mjolnir. In the comics, this alien race made their debut in the pages of Journey into Mystery #83, and it looks like Thor: Ragnarok will be giving one of them the spotlight.

That’s evident from the Instagram post below which you can see was shared by director Taika Waititi a few days ago. Who is Korg, you ask? Well, in the comic books, a retcon made him one of the attacking stone creatures Thor faced during his first appearance. They fled from the hero, but Korg would ultimately end up fighting in the same gladiatorial arena as The Hulk during Planet Hulk.

Korg also became one of the Jade Giant’s closest allies, and with Thor: Ragnarok set to feature battles set within a gladiator arena (hence why The Hulk will be sporting some nifty new armour), it makes sense that the character will appear in some form here. Who knows, perhaps the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Korg will be the same one Thor already faced? That seems doubtful based on what became of him, but it should still be fun seeing the Asgardian squaring off with one of these creatures in a rematch.

It remains to be seen just how much of the Planet Hulk storyline Thor: Ragnarok will adapt, but this could be a sign that it will play a larger role in this tale than initially thought.

Watch this space… #Ragnarok

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