Marvel Once Earmarked Infinity Gauntlet To Be The Title Of Avengers 4


Endgame, Eternity, and Infinity War – Part II – three titles you wouldn’t associate with Avengers 4, given they’ve been crossed off the list in recent weeks as Joe and Anthon Russo, directors of Infinity War, solicited all sorts of questions regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its future.

But over at MCU Cosmic, industry tipster Jeremy Conrad has carried out some research of his own, and is now claiming that Marvel Studios had earmarked ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ to be the final moniker of Avengers 4 for a very, very long time.

It’s part of the reason why Zoe Saldana referenced said title during the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, though we should stress that Marvel rushed to downplay any and all rumors, claiming that Saldana wasn’t privy to the Avengers 4 subtitle and was merely referencing an early codename used on set.

However, Conrad says otherwise, and has corroborated with multiple sources to confirm that, throughout production, Marvel Studios and its pool of creative talent really were “referring to the second half of Thanos’ story as ‘Infinity Gauntlet’.”

It’s certainly an interesting twist to the ongoing saga, as it tells us that Infinity Gauntlet came pretty damn close to being the final title of Avengers 4.

Then again, that Conrad’s sources merely alluded to the fact that Joe and Anthony Russo were referring to their super-sized sequel as Infinity Gauntlet doesn’t necessarily mean that it was all set to be the sequel’s finale title – hell, during production on Infinity War, the Russo Brothers filmed fake scenes and trailer misdirects to throw everyone off the scent, so we wouldn’t be too surprised if Infinity Gauntlet was always designed as a placeholder.

Whatever the case, Avengers 4 is booked in for May 3rd, 2019, and it’ll seemingly herald a “turning point” for the entire MCU.

Source: MCU Cosmic