Lord Of The Rings Star Reportedly Being Eyed For MCU’s Doctor Doom

doom doctor

With Avengers: Endgame bringing an end to the Infinity Saga and drawing a line under Thanos’ reign of terror as the MCU’s big bad, Marvel now needs to find a replacement for Phases Four and Five and so far, it’s looking like Doctor Doom will fill the void.

We know that Legion showrunner Noah Hawley had been developing a movie about the iconic character when he was still under Fox’s supervision, but now that Disney have acquired the rights to Victor Von Doom, it appears that that project’s been scrapped, with Kevin Feige and co. busy coming up with their own take on the villain. But the question of who will play him still looms large for MCU fans.

In recent weeks, we’ve heard some interesting rumors in regards to who Marvel may be eyeing, with everyone from Hugh Jackman to Michael Fassbender being linked to the role. But in the latest scoop from the Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel, the outlet claims that The Lords of the Rings star Viggo Mortensen is on the studio’s radar for the gig.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean Jackman and Fassbender are out of the running, just that Mortensen is yet another name on what’s no doubt a long wishlist. After all, given that Doom has yet to get a proper cinematic adaptation, the studio’s no doubt exploring all their options when it comes to casting to ensure they get it right this time. And honestly, any of the aforementioned individuals would surely knock it out of the park.

But tell us, who do you think should play Doctor Doom once he finally makes his MCU debut? Would you be alright with Viggo Mortensen, or did you have someone else in mind? As always, share your thoughts with us down below.