The Losers’ Club Reunite As Adults In New IT: Chapter Two Photo


2017’s IT is the high-water mark of the current horror renaissance that we’re all lucky to be going through. It was beloved by critics and audiences alike and made an absolute ton of money for Warner Bros. In fact, the only complaint afterwards was that IT: Chapter Two wasn’t going to come soon enough, but now with our first glimpse at what’s become of the Losers’ Club (seen in the gallery below), we can finally start getting hyped.

Given how successful the original was, this sequel has had no problems attracting a top-flight cast. Perhaps the biggest name on the roster is Jessica Chastain as Beverley Marsh, with James McAvoy’s Bill Denbrough and Bill Hader’s Richie Tozier also drawing lots of attention. Rounding out the group, meanwhile, are a series of actors who probably should give their agent a really nice hamper this Christmas: James Ransone as Eddie Kaspbrak, Jay Ryan as Ben Hanscom and Isaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon.

The plot of IT: Chapter Two arises from the pact that the Losers’ Club made to reunite if Pennywise ever returned, hoping to put an end to him once and for all. Given the horrible shit they went through in IT, it’s understandable that they’d be reluctant to tangle with him again, with some members of the group taking the call to action worse than others.

Honestly, I can’t see any reason why this sequel won’t capture precisely the same magic that took the original to the box office stratosphere, and that film didn’t even boast a cast as impressive as this. As such, all signs point to IT: Chapter Two being another monster hit and personally, I can’t wait to watch both parts in one terrifying double-bill marathon of decade-spanning scares.