The Love Actually Cast Reunite In Red Nose Day Actually Trailer


Fans still holding out hope for a follow up to Love Actually will be pleased to know that their favorite characters are set to reunite, though perhaps not in the way that they were expecting. You see, instead of a traditional sequel, the gang is getting together for a short film called Red Nose Day Actually, which is set to air on NBC on May 25th at 10pm EST. Original writer/director Richard Curtis is back behind the camera, and most of the cast members have returned, too, as the trailer above makes clear.

You’ve got Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Rowan Atkinson, Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln, Laura Linney and more, all showing up here and looking like they’re having a rather good time revisiting these characters. Whether that will translate to an enjoyable film or not is another matter entirely, but from the looks of it, Red Nose Day Actually appears to be a harmless, if not a little silly and unnecessary, mini-sequel.

“It’s been delightful to revisit the characters from Love Actually and see the cast, but it’s even more special because it’s all to raise money for Red Nose Day,” Curtis told EW. “We’ve been delighted and grateful that so many of the cast are around and able to take part — and it’ll certainly be a nostalgic moment getting back together and re-creating their characters 14 years later. We hope to make something that’ll be fun — very much in the spirit of the original film and of Red Nose Day — and which we hope will help bring lots of viewers and cash to the Red Nose Day shows.”

Clearly, nostalgia is the driving force behind this project, and though those hoping to get a feature length sequel may be a bit disappointed to see that Curtis and co. have decided to go down this particular route instead, that nostalgia and love for the first film should be enough to warrant checking Red Nose Day Actually out – even if it means we’ll never get a proper sequel.

Red Nose Day Actually airs May 25th on NBC. Will you be tuning in? Drop us a comment below and let us know!