What A Lovely Day For The New Mad Max: Fury Road Poster


Back before Mel Gibson went crazy, he was already a little mad as a certain titular gentleman named Max. Will the same fate befall Tom Hardy, who steps into Gibson’s motorcycle boots for the sequel/reboot (which is it?) of Gibson’s Mad Max franchise? While we certainly don’t hope that Hardy’s personal life goes the same way, I think we can cross our fingers that he’ll bring the same wild-eyed anger to the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road.

Mad Max: Fury Road has Tom Hardy taking on the role of the angry crusader named Max, who battles it out with crooks and villains in a post-apocalyptic wasteland better known (at least in the first film) as Australia. When Max loses his wife and son, he sets off in search of “peace of mind” – and let’s face it, he’s not going to find it. Instead he finds Furiosa (Charlize Theron…wait, really?!), described as a “woman of action” by the official plot synopsis, whose fate shall undoubtedly be tangled in Max’s own as she makes her way back to her homeland.

Before we get a look at some of the first footage from Mad Max: Fury Road at Comic-Con this weekend, we have been gifted with the first poster for the film. It doesn’t tell us much – posters often don’t – but it certainly sets the tone as being roughly akin to the original franchise without quite copying the aesthetic. The playful “What A Lovely Day” scrawled at the top of the poster reinforces that we’ll hopefully be getting the same sort of borderline campy madness that characterized the rest of the series.

Mad Max: Fury Road will not premiere until May 15, 2015, so we have a long time to wait. Until then, you can have a taste of the series by checking out the poster below.