Lucasfilm Drops More Than A Dozen BTS Star Wars Pics From The Last Jedi, Rogue One And Solo


We’re four films deep into this rebooted Star Wars series from Lucasfilm and already, the Powers That Be have served up some truly incredible moments, be it Rey and Kylo Ren’s forest duel on Skywalker Base or the pulse-pounding third act of Rogue One.

It’s not without its faults, of course, but for blowing the dust off a dormant giant, Lucasfilm has done pretty damn well – so far, at least – and has collected close to $5 billion in box office receipts to prove it.

Solo: A Star Wars Story has contributed only a small amount to that eye-watering total ($355M worldwide), and there have been rumblings that the spinoff’s lowly performance has prompted a big overhaul at Lucasfilm HQ. How will things pan out? It’s too soon to know for sure, though we have caught wind of the company pumping the brakes on all in-development Anthology films – Obi-Wan and Boba Fett included – until further notice.

Whatever the case, Lucasfilm (h/t CBM) has today unveiled a series of candid, behind-the-scenes pics from the four most recent Star Wars movies, including a close-up of head honcho Kathleen Kennedy dishing out some advice to the cast of Rogue One.

The current Lucasfilm head has been the subject of intense speculation online, what with reports alleging that Disney brass hope to replace Kathleen Kennedy in the not-so-distant future. J.J. Abrams was initially tipped as her successor, though we’ve since learned that he rejected the gig. So assuming these rumors are true, who will be next to pilot Star Wars?

Time will tell, but now that Solo: A Star Wars Story has been chalked up as a disappointment, the immediate future of Lucasfilm’s spinoffs is somewhat uncertain. Episode IX is still bang on schedule, mind you, and is expected to begin filming this summer ahead of its arrival in December of 2019.

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