Lucasfilm Reportedly Plans To Bring Kylo Ren Back As A Force Ghost

Kylo Star Wars: Episode IX

So, we’ve all seen Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (likely more than once) by now, right? If so, then you’ll recall that the conclusion of the Sequel Trilogy ends with Kylo Ren AKA Ben Solo meeting the same fate as his grandpa, sacrificing himself in a moment of redemption and foiling the plans of Emperor Palpatine in the process. Which thereby ends the story of the character in the saga for good. Or so we thought.

According to our sources – the same ones who told us Adam Driver’s fan favorite would die in Rise months before it hit theaters, and that a young Luke would appear in the Obi-Wan show, which is now confirmed – there’s a plan in place to bring Kylo back again in a future movie, thanks to the handy concept of Force ghosts. Ben’s spirit might not have been seen in the film’s final scene on Tatooine, alongside his late uncle Luke and mother Leia as they watch over Rey, but fans shouldn’t be too upset about this oversight as there’s another opportunity for him to return. In fact, from what we understand, Lucasfilm is planning to have Kylo’s Force Ghost appear in a Rey solo film.

Following Rise‘s release, we got wind of the studio being in early development on a standalone movie for Daisy Ridley’s heroine that would see the last Skywalker training a new generation of Jedi, only for one to go to the Dark Side. As this plot mirrors Kylo’s own descent into darkness, you can see why an appearance from the reformed Ben’s ghost would fit into the storyline. Plus, he and Rey shared a romantic kiss shortly before his death, so there’s a lot of emotion to mine there.

Of course, star Adam Driver recently played down any chance of him reprising Kylo Ren again, commenting in an interview that “this is not at all on the agenda.” This presumably means he hasn’t been contacted about the Force Ghost cameo idea yet and it’s just something being discussed internally at this stage, or he was telling a white lie. Which wouldn’t be a first for a Star Wars actor (I’m looking at you, Ewan McGregor).

In any case, it’s obviously still early days yet for the aforementioned Rey project and as always, plans can change. For the moment, however, it seems that Lucasfilm definitely wants to do more with Driver’s Kylo Ren, and that’s perfectly fine with us.