Lucy 2’s Script Is Complete; Luc Besson Talks Valerian

Lucy Luc Besson

Say what you will about Luc Besson, but the director has a pretty stellar track record for creating badass female action heroes. And though Lucy had a huge number of problems, the pic still gave Scarlett Johansson a chance to power her own summer actioner, and the actress really delivered. Recently, it was revealed that Besson’s company EuropaCorp was proceeding with development of a Lucy follow-up, but a recent piece from Screen Daily posits that Lucy 2 isn’t just in the works – its script is already complete.

Speaking with select outlets during Comic-Con, the French director was vague about details for the sequel, which has its work cut out for it given the incredibly definitive ending of the first film. He did apparently insinuate that the story has been hashed out and the script is complete, but no word yet on when a team will come together to make the pic. It seems that Besson isn’t too invested in directing Lucy 2, as the director is instead focusing on an original sci-fi project called Valerian.

Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne are starring in what’s been a dream project for Besson for some time. It focuses on a pair of time-and-space-traveling special agents on a top-secret mission. “It’s ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ in space,” Besson said. “They’re super-agents who travel through time and space. They work for the Human Federation.”

The director wasn’t forthcoming with details, but he did tease a romance between the titular hero (DeHaan) and his companion Laureline (Delevingne) while also showcasing some concept art from the effects-heavy pic. It’s unclear whether the official title is now Valerian or Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets, but Besson and EuropaCorp marketing manager Fabrice Denizot both see it as a potential franchise in the vein of an interstellar James Bond.

Source: ScreenDaily