Luke Cage And Iron Fist Reportedly Being Recast For The MCU

Iron Fist

For the first time in a long time, Iron Fist was trending the other day, but it wasn’t for the best of reasons. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were using the debut trailer for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings as a stick to beat Danny Rand’s Netflix series over the head with, which is pretty understandable when it was easily the weakest of the Defenders solo shows by far.

New York City’s street-level heroes will inevitably be making their way back to our screens as part of the franchise’s official canon, but there’s zero chance of Iron Fist star Finn Jones returning. In fact, a new rumor making the rounds claims that both members of Heroes for Hire will be recast, with Luke Cage‘s Mike Colter also being left out of the festivities.

Nobody expected Jones to be back, but Colter is a different story. We’ve heard in the past that he was done as Harlem’s guardian angel, only for conflicting stories to surface not that long ago that Feige wanted the actor to reprise the role alongside a brand new Iron Fist in a Disney Plus Heroes for Hire series.

For what it’s worth, Colter said he hasn’t heard from anyone at Marvel since Luke Cage was canceled, and he appears to have made his peace with the fact that his time as the comic book favorite is over. Naturally, with so much differing information circulating, it’s hard to get a genuine handle on what Marvel Studios has in store for Power Man, but at least we’re pretty safe in the knowledge that we’ll be getting a brand new Iron Fist whatever the outcome.