Lupita Nyong’o set to bring the noise as star of ‘A Quiet Place’ prequel

Leon Bennett / Getty Images

While Paramount’s Star Trek struggles to get back on the big screen, the studio without any superheroes is humming along nicely with its A Quiet Place series. The soon-to-be-trilogy series is getting a prequel in the not-so-distant future and now, Lupita Nyong’o is reportedly on board for A Quiet Place: Day One, a chronological predecessor to the original film about the earliest days of the blind and brutal alien invasion saga.

News of her purportedly being in final negotiations was reported earlier today by Deadline. The project, set to release in 2024, is from Pig director Michael Sarnoski and comes from an original idea by John Krasinski. There is little known about the film right now aside from the fact that, while not out of the question, it is not likely Emily Blunt or Krasinski will be reprising their roles.

The core franchise is receiving a third film, which is on track for 2025. Krasinski will be returning to direct, and the concept has proven to be a hit. A Quiet Place Part II was the first post-pandemic theatrical-only release. It opened to $57 million, has earned about $300 million worldwide, and is a critical hit. Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller are producers and Krasinski and partner Allyson Seeger at his Saturday Night label are executive producers. A video game is also in the works. It will be in the same continuity as the films, will come from Saber Interactive, and is reportedly going to tell an original and untold story in the world.