Lyndsy Fonseca Will Be The Escort

lyndsy fonseca

After winning the hearts of action aficionados everywhere by starring on The CW’s Nikita for four seasons and appearing in the superhero caper Kick-Ass, Lyndsy Fonseca is set to delve into more comedic territory for her next big screen role, having recently signed on to star in romantic comedy The Escort.

As per Deadline, the pic “tracks a sex-obsessed journalist (Michael Doneger) who throws himself into the world of high class escorts when he starts following a Stanford-educated prostitute (Fonseca).”

That cursory plot outline doesn’t give us much to go on, but it’s clear that Doneger, who also co-wrote the script with Brandon A. Cohen, is hoping to use The Escort to prove himself as a leading man. The actor tried something similar with indie flick This Thing with Sarah last year, directing, starring in and scripting that project, but it never made much noise upon release. Of course, Fonseca’s involvement immediately gives The Escort a greater chance of success.

A talented actress, Fonseca (who cut her teeth on soap The Young and the Restless) has gravitated towards more action-packed fare in the recent past, but she did appear as Daughter throughout CBS’s How I Met Your Mother and in the raunchy comedy Hot Tub Time Machine, so this romantic comedy isn’t completely foreign territory for her.

Will Slocombe (Cold TurkeyCrime Fiction) will direct The Escort, whch is also set to star Bruce Campbell, Tommy Dewey, Rumer Willis, Rachel Resheff and Sonya Walger. Especially with Fonseca leading them, that’s a talented group of actors and actresses. Plus, I’d like to believe that Fonseca, Campbell and Willis are all big enough stars that they can pick their projects, so maybe there’s a lot more to The Escort than first meets the eye.

Cameras are currently rolling on this project in Los Angeles, so I’d expect to see it land either in theaters or on video on-demand early next year.

Source: Deadline