M. Night Shyamalan Turns In Another Status Report For Split Sequel Glass


Unbreakable, Split, and now Glass, the third and seemingly conclusive chapter in M. Night Shyamalan’s saga of rogue heroes and an unhinged protagonist nursing a rare case of dissociative identity disorder.

It makes for a fairly unorthodox Hollywood franchise, that’s for sure, and Shyamalan is currently hard at work drafting the third chapter in a trilogy 19 years in the making. It’s called Glass, and is expected to launch into theaters in two years’ time. That would put the mind-bending thriller on course to enter production either later this year or, in the more likely scenario, sometime in early 2018. Chalk that up as conjecture for now, but one thing we do know is that M. Night Shyamalan has now completed the film’s second draft, and will begin hashing out a third (and perhaps final?) version of the screenplay over the next three weeks.

News comes to us by way of Shyamalan’s ever-active Twitter feed (via Screen Rant). It’s by no means an announcement that’ll bring the Internet to its knees anytime soon, but fans will no doubt take solace in the fact that Glass seems to be motoring along at a brisk clip.

Per Twitter:

Thanks in large part to Split‘s $275 million worldwide cume – off the back of a measly budget of $9 million, no less – it would appear that Universal Pictures and Blumhouse are ready to allocate a more “traditional” budget to Shyamalan’s latest. Additional resources will no doubt lend the filmmaker some creative leeway when it comes to VFX and special effects, and with Glass poised to unleash the demonic entity known simply as The Beast, a budget hike can only spell good news for all involved.

Glass has officially been slated for January 18th, 2019.

Source: Twitter