M3GAN gains an added layer of sentience by embracing memes

Image via Blumhouse Productions

We’re just 24 hours away from meeting M3GAN, the sentient android designed to protect Cady, her creator Gemma’s niece. Those who have stayed in-the-loop on Twitter and Instagram will know that M3GAN’s social media accounts have begun embracing internet memes. M3GAN’s primary directive is to protect Cady from all harm, but in her down time, she likes to browse the World Wide Web to see what hilarious content she can find — and upload. As M3GAN continues to learn Cady’s personal preferences to become a better protector, teacher and adviser, she’s also educating herself in the way of memes to entertain her wider audience.

Directed by Gerard Johnstone and produced by the incomparable duo of Jason Blum (Halloween) and James Wan (Saw), M3GAN sees the life-like doll become self-aware and over-protective of Cady, which results in horrifying consequences for roboticist Gemma, who’s initially ignorant to the monster she’s created. Allison Williams (Get Out) stars as Gemma, while Amie Donald and Jenna Davis act as the model/voice of M3GAN, respectively. Additionally, Doctor Sleep‘s Violet McGraw plays Cady, Gemma’s niece and M3GAN’s ‘BFF.’

Just one more day until M3GAN hits theaters, and with early screenings amping up the excitement, the M3GAN socials have never been more active than right now. That being said, the content isn’t as promotional as one might think, but much more humorous and light-hearted. Obviously, the marketing team had some tricks up their sleeves for this one, and the social team are having the time of their lives. It appears that M3GAN is really adapting well to the 21st century, since she’s already toured New York, sent her army of clones to both terrorize and delight tourists, and discovered memes in the process.

In November 2022, before M3GAN even released worldwide, The New York Times had reported that Universal Pictures were so pleased with the final product that there were already talks of a sequel in the works. Although it claims to be a science-fiction horror, we’d argue that M3GAN teeters more towards the horror-comedy bracket.

M3GAN released in theaters on Dec. 7, 2022 for folks in Los Angeles, but the rest of the States can catch it in theaters on Jan. 6, 2023.