Ma Director Says He Has A Great Idea For A Sequel


Based on the company’s track record over the last decade, anything slapped with the Blumhouse label is virtually guaranteed to do healthy business at the box office. Straightforward horror may be the outfit’s bread and butter, but they’ve ventured into multiple different genres in the past, with 2019’s psychological thriller Ma one notable example.

Of course, the talent involved in the project wasn’t exactly who you’d expect to see involved in a low budget chiller, with The Help and Get on Up director Tate Taylor reuniting with his regular collaborator and Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer for a $5 million B-movie that was shot in less than four weeks.

Spencer is one of those talents that can always be relied on for a solid performance regardless of the quality of the final product, so it wasn’t a surprise when she turned out to be Ma‘s greatest asset. The actress is in top form as the lonely middle-aged woman who lets a group of teenagers use her basement as a place to party, only for her to gradually become more obsessed with them as things take an increasingly dark and sinister turn.


The final moments of Ma drew a line under the story without really committing to anything definitive, and in a new interview, Taylor admitted that he’s got a great idea for a potential sequel.

“I don’t think we thought Ma was going to have this afterlife as this cult thing, and I think it’s worth discussing a sequel. I know Octavia would do it, that’s why I purposely left her death ambiguous. My idea is that she’s moved to another town, and she has open houses in another city and kills people in the open house. I think she’d be a real estate agent in the Pacific Northwest, and just murder white people looking at McMansions. That’s as far as I’ve gotten.”

Ma earned over $60 million at the box office and found a decent audience on home video, turning another substantial profit for Blumhouse in the process. And given the enthusiasm of both of Taylor and Spencer to revisit the world, not to mention the low financial risk and high reward involved for the studio, a second installment could become a reality in the very near future.