Machete 2 Is Already Written

According to Danny Trejo, Robert Rodriguez already has the sequel to Machete, Machete 2, written and ready to go.

I had the chance to meet and chat with Danny Trejo during a Screamfest convention back in October. Very cool guy, he chatted with me for a few minutes over the course of the weekend and I told him he needed to jump in Robert Rodriguiz’s ass and get the sequel moving, apparently he took my advice. According to Machete himself, the sequel is already written.

“I asked [co-director Robert Rodriguez] when he was going to write it and he says it’s written, so we can get started pretty quick”, said Trejo. “I don’t even think Robert Rodriguez even expected that reception and now everyone is waiting for Machete 2 so hurry up Robert Rodriguez!” Danny laughed.

I’ll admit it, the first one had its problems but I didn’t care, I still loved it. Hopefully Robert can find time to work this out during his busy schedule. I’m hoping he pumps up the violence and focuses more on Machete instead of all the other supporting characters like he did in the first one. Oh…and no Lindsay Lohan this time, please.

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