Frozen 2 Screening Turns Into A Nightmare As Machete Fight Erupts


You might assume that the worst thing that could happen when you go to see Frozen 2 would be a kid accidentally spilling a coke over you or maybe a baby crying their way right through the movie. Well, attendees at a screening at the Star City cinema in Birmingham, UK found themselves caught up in what police are describing as a “mass brawl” that “bears the hallmarks of an organized fight between rival groups.” This involved around 100 teenagers, two of whom were armed with a machete and one with a knife, fighting with one another.

But this wasn’t an angry dispute over whether Elsa or Anna is the better character (it’s clearly Anna). It’s alleged that British crime drama Blue Story was the reason for the fight. Directed by Andrew Onwubolu and based on his experience with London’s street gangs, it’s currently sitting at 90% on the Tomatometer. However, it seems to have become a focal point for gangs similar to those depicted in the film, with 25 significant events reported at screenings around Britain on its first weekend of release.

As a result, the Vue and Showcase cinema chains cancelled all future showings of Blue Story, which kicked off a further controversy about censorship and racism. Showcase have since rescinded their ban, but Vue won’t budge, claiming that they’ve seen more incidents in venues connected to Blue Story than “we have ever seen for any film in a such a short timeframe.” It’s worth mentioning, too, that the West Midlands police have been sure to point out that they’re not formally linking the brawl to Blue Story and that they’re not jumping to conclusions about the reasons.

In the meantime, screenings are still going ahead at other cinemas, albeit with “increased security protocols.” Here’s hoping that future showings of both Blue Story and Frozen 2 don’t suddenly turn into frenzied bouts of bloody violence.