Mad Max Vs. Barney Ross: Is Mel Gibson In The Expendables 3?


Rumors have abounded about casting for The Expendables 3. While we know that certain cast members are definitely returning, and others have definitely been added, the issue of the villain remains in debate. The latest villain rumors have said Mel Gibson loud and clear, but as yet there’s no official confirmation from the powers-that-be.

What we do have is Sylvester Stallone’s Twitter account. As the chief rumor-stoker for The Expendables 3, Stallone has been teasing the presence of both Gibson and Seagal for a thousand years now. Here’s what Stallone recently tweeted about Gibson’s part:

Twitter   TheSlyStallone  Mad Max vs Barney Ross......

Sly, you’re really beginning to try my patience. Has Gibson signed on or not? I WANT TO KNOW!

Mel Gibson has not exactly been a fan favorite in recent years, what with the storm of crazy coming from his general direction. However, he has made a few forays back into the acting world, with parts in Machete Kills and Get The Gringo. As one of the premiere 80s action stars, it would almost be a crime not to include old Mel in The Expendables 3. If Wesley Snipes and Nic Cage qualify, I think Mel does too.

The rest of The Expendables 3 cast that has been set includes the return of the originals, plus Nicolas Cage, Wesley Snipes, Mickey Rourke, Milla Jovovich, Antonio Banderas and Jackie Chan. Will Mel jump into the mix? Yeah, probably. He doesn’t have anything else to do right now.

We will know whether or not Mad Max will take on Barney Ross before long (I hope). We might even know before August 15, 2014, when The Expendables 3 is set to premiere.

What do you think of Mel Gibson’s potential casting in The Expendables 3? Inspired? Or have you completely gone off the idea of Mel Gibson as anything other than a punch line? Let us know in the comments.