Mad Max: Fury Road Sequel Will Be Called…

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Mad Max: Fury Road is an action masterpiece, unrivalled by anything we’ve seen hit screens in years. We Got This Covered critic Matt Donato awarded the George Miller-directed film his first five-star rating of the year, and other critics are going equally over the moon for the post-apocalyptic action-adventure. Now, Miller is delivering more music to his loyal fans’ ears by revealing that he has a title in mind for what comes next.

The director, who said there’s already one screenplay and a novella for future Mad Max outings, revealed on The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith that the planned title for his Fury Road sequel is Mad Max: The Wasteland.

Though Miller did not offer any plot details for the pic, which Warner Bros. is sure to green-light given the rapturous reception for Fury Road, it’s unfortunately likely that Charlize Theron (whose Furiosa is the real hero of the film, by the way) will not be reprising her role, lest she’s as blown away by The Wasteland as she was by Fury Road.

Tom Hardy, on the other hand, is signed for at least three more Mad Max movies, and the actor has been enthusiastic about the prospect of working with Miller well into the future. Given how the star’s profile is sure to sky-rocket thanks to Mad Max, it’s no wonder that he’d be up for returning to the sun-scorched landscapes of the Max-verse for future adventures.

It’s going to be a long while until we see Mad Max: The Wasteland, though – expect Miller, Hardy and possibly Theron to take a substantial victory lap before jumping into production on another movie. The incredible amount of work that went into Fury Road is evidenced by the final product, and no one is arguing that all involved don’t deserve to kick up their feet for a little bit.

Source: The Playlist