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‘Madame Web’ set photos reveal another potential web-slinging superhero

Four webslingers Sony? Four? That's insane.

Image: Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images / Marvel Comics

The latest set photos from Madame Web have given fans their first look at yet another potential webslinger in the form of Isabela Merced’s currently unconfirmed character.

The 21 year-old is one of many players in Sony’s ensemble cast, with speculation seemingly working out who she’ll be playing from the grand Spider-Man canon and it’s set to be a big one. In a universe of increasing amount of those with Spider-Man’s abilities, Merced looks set to play one of the most recent to take on the Spider-Girl mantle.

Anya Corazon debuted in 2004 and has since become a major player in the Spider-Man canon thanks to comic events such as Spider-Verse and Spider-Island. Corazon got her powers through a tattoo of a spider, endowed upon her by a mysterious spider-themed cult.

Shown to be in school in these set photos, it would definitely add fuel to the fire of at least one teenage webslinger appearing in Madame Web. Corazon is a high school student in the comics when she gets her powers, as her origin tends to coincide with her standing up to a bully before finding herself amidst a cultist skirmish. Aren’t comic books crazy?

She’s had many big partnerships in comics, with her combining with the likes of Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, and Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman. The two main leads of Madame Web are the titular character played by Dakota Johnson, and Sydney Sweeney who is heavily speculated to be portraying Julia Carpenter, who has also taken on the Spider-Woman moniker.

Whether or not Madame Web can salvage the Sony Spider-Man Universe is up in the air, as Morbius got people talking but struggled to garner positive reception. It feels a last roll of the dice, with only the Venom duology attaining a serious following.

Madame Web is currently set for a Feb. 16, 2024 release date.

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