Madonna Says She Regrets Turning Down A Role In The Matrix

the matrix

It’s easy to look back and wonder why so many big names would turn down The Matrix, given that it went on to become one of the most important, influential and widely-imitated movies the sci-fi or action genres had ever seen, never mind the multi-billion dollar media franchise that followed in its wake.

The Wachowskis were fairly unknown quantities at the time, and their ambitious and complex mythology went over the heads of many talents that had been approached with an eye to starring. Will Smith said no to Neo, Russell Crowe reportedly declined an offer for Morpheus, Sean Connery confirmed he’d been asked to play the Architect, and now Madonna has revealed her regrets over saying no to a part in The Matrix.

In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the singer and occasional actress admitted that she still feels pangs of regret after knocking back the chance to board what went on to become a genuine pop culture phenomenon.

“I also turned down the role in The Matrix. Can you believe that? I wanted to kill myself. That’s like one of the best movies ever made. A teeny-tiny part of me regrets just that one moment in my life.”

She doesn’t name the part specifically, but given her status, it would have been something suitably substantial, with Vanity Fair speculating that it may have even been Trinity. No offense to Madonna, who is obviously very good at her day job, but she’s never been regarded as the greatest onscreen talent and may have been all wrong for The Matrix anyway.