Mads Mikkelsen Interested In Playing Doctor Doom


Knowing that everyone would have their attention turned toward whatever Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios had in store for us at San Diego Comic-Con, it made sense that Fox dropped quite the bombshell one day prior to said Hall H presentations by revealing that a Doctor Doom movie is being planned. Granted, the studio has thrice failed at adapting one of Marvel’s greatest villains, but maybe with the right filmmaker helming yet another reboot, gold can be struck. After all, the Latverian has enough rich history behind him that a solo endeavor just might work.

As is the case with bringing any beloved icon to life, proper casting is key. Well, you can say that for the most part. Toby Kebbell is certainly no slouch when it comes to his craft, but just look at what he was given to work with in 2015’s Fantastic Four. That being said, it came as no surprise when we learned a few months back that Mads Mikkelsen walked out of his audition.

Speaking of which, it’s understandable that many of us assumed he’d have been trying out for the role of Doctor Doom, but according to an interview with him conducted by Screen Geek at London Film and Comic Con, it sounds like he might’ve actually been auditioning for Mr. Fantastic:

“I didn’t walk out. When I left it, I was just like – this is crazy. I don’t even have long arms. What am I doing in here? The audition was only about long arms. No lines. I felt a little funny.”

Screen Geek persisted and then asked if Mikkelsen would be interested in playing Doom in the solo film, and here’s what he had to say:

“Yeah, it’s always interesting. They are experimenting with doing some of the villain’s stories as well. Let’s see if they do that. I’m not familiar that they’ve done it with anyone yet. They haven’t done it with The Joker [and] they haven’t done it with The Penguin. So we’ll see when that day comes.”

Right now, we’re guessing that Mikkelsen’s days at Marvel Studios are behind him, thus leaving the door open for him jumping to another cinematic universe as so many other actors have already done. That’s good to know, too, as if Fox is truly committed to getting Doctor Doom right this time around, they’ll need to secure the services of a solid actor such as him if they hope to win back moviegoers.

Source: Screen Geek