Mads Mikkelsen Says Gareth Edwards Is Adding A Personal Touch To Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen founded his career with deeply dramatic roles, from Thomas Vinterberg’s thrilling The Hunt to his more recent stint as Hannibal Lecter on NBC’s eponymous series. How and ever, with a prominent role in the Bond universe under his belt, not to mention an upcoming appearance in Marvel’s Doctor Strange, the mainstream audience are beginning to get a taste of the actor’s versatility, though Scott Derrickson’s cerebral superhero flick isn’t the only 2016 blockbuster to feature Mikkelsen’s name on the call sheet.

Shortly after the release of Doctor Strange we have Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first of Disney’s planned Anthology films that hope to expand the rich universe laying at the company’s feet. At the helm of the galactic heist thriller is Gareth Edwards who, fresh from his stint on Legendary’s Godzilla reboot, is reportedly bringing a personal touch to the action.


At least, that’s according to Mikkelsen, who spoke with IGN about the tone of Rogue One and how it may differ from the Star Wars films of old.

I believe that is true to a degree. It’s still the Star Wars universe, but there is… There might be a personal take on that from Gareth [Edwards], as well. And it should be like that, right? And tomorrow you will find me dead in a river somewhere because I said that.

When it comes to boarding a franchise of Star Wars‘ calibre, the actor admitted that it can be overwhelming at first, though once his boots were on the ground and the film was in the thick of production, Mikkelsen treated it like any other project.

It is a big thing, but so was Hannibal and so was Bond. The thing is, we don’t go to change the “thing” about it. We address it as a job. We focus on the character and start working. We also are aware that it’s the Star Wars universe. We are aware. But that hat, we can’t wear all the time. We have to focus on each individual scene. So I think this is one of these things that will dawn on you later when you actually see the film. In the midst of it, it’s a different thing.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will fall in just behind The Force Awakens when Edwards’ Anthology feature launches on December 16, 2016.