Magic Mike 2 Will Film This Fall, Says Joe Manganiello


After Steven Soderbergh’s terrific comedy-drama Magic Mike, about the lives of male strippers, grossed an astounding $167 million against a budget of $7 million, a sequel was immediately inevitable. However, star Channing Tatum’s busy schedule and Soderbergh’s retirement prevented Magic Mike 2 from going full steam ahead back in 2012, and there hasn’t been much news about its progress ever since.

However, that’s changing now thanks to actor Joe Manganiello, who just revealed that filming is set to get underway this fall.

Speaking with Collider to support his upcoming action film Sabotage, Manganiello, who played stripper Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike, let slip that Tatum’s plan is to get cameras rolling on the sequel as soon as possible.

“Yeah, it’s gonna happen this fall. I think they’re going to announce it soon. It’s crazy. I didn’t think that would be my first franchise. I never thought that would ever be the direction of my career. But that said, it’s just proof that I don’t know best, all the time. It was the most fun I’ve ever had, and I can’t wait to get back in and mix it up with those guys.”

No director has yet been set for Magic Mike 2, though Tatum and his producing partner Reid Carolin are aiming to direct a project in the near future. The pair recently met with Warner Bros. about the possibility of them helming a crime thriller called The Son, but Magic Mike 2 certainly seems like a safer option for Tatum, considering the film was partly based on his experiences with stripping and he’s currently penning the sequel’s script.

Tatum previously stated that either he and Carolin would direct or that Greg Jacobs, a frequent Soderbergh collaborator, would take the reins. Though Soderbergh is currently in a self-imposed retirement from directing, the plan could be for him to act as director of photography on the film.

Regardless of who winds up sitting behind the camera, Manganiello’s comment makes it sound like Magic Mike 2 is priority number one for all involved. Hopefully we’ll hear some official confirmation of the sequel’s status within the next few weeks.

If Magic Mike 2 does get underway with shooting this fall, there’s a possibility that we could see it hit theaters as early as the summer of next year. However, given how crowded 2015 is already, it’s more than likely that Tatum and co. will hold off on releasing it until a less competitive slot is available.