‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ finds the hero in a relationship at long last

Magic Mike

Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike might be billed as the kind of titillating male revue saga that dreams are made of, but that really only describes the series on a surface level. The first film laid the groundwork for a universe that blended sexy and fun with emotional connections, as well as a magnitude of feelings.

In a recent round table with media outlets, including Collider, Steven Soderbergh shared more about what fans can expect from upcoming sequel Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

“The third movie is the sort of apex of everything that we’ve been talking about in that area. Not just taking the dancing to another level, but really getting into the relationship aspect that’s that’s been an undercurrent in all of the films. Like Mike has a full-on relationship that’s at the center of this movie, while all this stuff is going on, and we haven’t done that before.

magic mike

The parts of the movie they’ve not done before focus more on the dynamic Tatum was hoping to bring to the Magic Mike saga in the first place. The first two installments are very easy on the eye from a superficial standpoint, but Soderbergh shared that Tatum wanted to watch the title hero grow as a persons, covering everything from relationships and maturity to appreciation; it’s more than what meets the eye.

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