First Look At Magneto In A Spoiler-Ridden Fight For X-Men: Days Of Future Past


Mr. Singer is at it again. That’ll be Bryan Singer, director of X-Men: Days Of Future Past. With the film being one of many superhero flicks currently in production, we won’t actually get to witness the end product for another year. All the more reason to shriek like a little girl with a lollipop each time the director publishes new photos to Twitter. This week’s delicacy is a glimpse of Michael Fassbender looking utterly badass as Magneto. Plus, a spot of interesting casting gossip.

If you’re a cinemagoer who likes the element of surprise when you enter a darkened theatre, then look away NOW! No, really. No messin’ around.


As usual with the director’s pics, we’re not shown more than we’d like to see. Stood on a suspended platform, Fassbender is being captured by two camera set ups. Well, you’ve got to make sure they get his best side.

It seems Mr. Singer isn’t the only one with his finger poised on the button on set. There’s another crop of images that’ve surfaced showing a huge fight between Michael Fassbender as Magneto and Nicholas Hoult as Beast. Snapped by an onlooker and brought to us courtesy of, they depict old Beastie donning his suave 70s attire as he appears to be beating seven shades out of a soggy Magneto. You can check all of the photos out in the gallery below.

There’s also talk from Screen Rant concerning a returning X-Men character joining the film. A fan up in Montreal posted on Twitter after they had a photo taken with Lucas Till. Till of course starred in X-Men: First Class as Alex Summers, aka Havok. Whether Till was just on set hanging out with his friends, or he’s actually on board the prequel/sequel is anyone’s guess.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past opens on July 18th, 2014.