New Thor: Ragnarok Photos Take Us Behind The Scenes Of The Threequel


Even though we still have a couple of months to go until Thor: Ragnarok storms cinemas, the hype train is unquestionably going strong in the interim. Heck, this week alone has seen a bevy of character posters surface, in addition to a few that some may say have stepped on the toes of the competition.

But even with so much eye candy going around, we doubt any of you will complain if we were to offer up a little more. So, luckily for you, we’re about to do just that by providing a gallery featuring several behind-the-scenes shots from the Odinson’s next big screen adventure. After having one look at them, it’s not hard to see why the flick has been voted as the most anticipated movie of the fall.

As we can see in the gallery, the majesty of Asgard – and perhaps Sakaar as well – have been tremendously captured. Personally, I’ve quite admired the production design seen in the Thor series, so it’s nice to see that trend being continued by the third director tasked with handling the franchise. Sure, a lot of CGI is involved, but knowing that a fair amount is pulled off practically is quite admirable.

Not surprisingly, director Taika Waititi can be spotted in most of these shots, which hint at more of a science fiction vibe than what was offered in the two preceding films. Believe it or not, this is still in keeping with what Thor comics have established for decades, lest we forget that Jack Kirby fused the futuristic with the fantastical in his legendary artwork.

Thor: Ragnarok opens in theaters on November 3.