Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Villain Is Female And Similar To Jabba The Hut


Surprises are nothing new to Solo: A Star Wars Story, having dished out a fair amount amongst enthusiasts throughout production. However, they weren’t so much surprises as they were bombshells.

Lucasfilm and original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller shocked fans when they parted ways over “creative differences” months into production. The project managed to favorably bounce back, though, when the Disney subsidiary announced that two-time Oscar winner Ron Howard had come aboard to finish directing the blockbuster. Nonetheless, damning reports surfaced once again, this time regarding the picture’s star Alden Ehrenreich and his portrayal of the titular character. Mix in extensive reshoots, and Solo: A Star Wars Story wasn’t exactly riding high before it opened in theatres.

Although, it looks like things may be finally turning around for the pic. Yesterday, the origin story caught fans off-guard when Deadline reported that the Ron Howard-directed spinoff would have its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival with a special screening on May 15th. Now, significant details about the movie’s villain, Enfys Nest, have emerged.

According to a piece of French promotional material, Enfys Nest is “an extremely dangerous marauder” who “quickly forged an infamous reputation for herself and her gang of pirates – the Cloud-Riders.”

The report was corroborated by Star Wars News Net, too, who said:

“Enfys Nest is a female. It is not a big role, but it is important. She (the actress) worked closely with Woody Harrelson. She is signed for two more movies, presumably Solo sequels.”

Earlier this week, we confirmed the identity of the Solo villain, who first appeared in the Star Wars comic, Eight for Aduba-3. From what we understand, Nest is believed to be an antagonist similar to that of Jabba the Hutt, which should be interesting to see.

However, as SWNN states, she doesn’t have a big role. If true, that’d mean there’s still another villain yet to be revealed – perhaps Jabba himself will show up? Time will tell, but we should know more soon as Solo: A Star Wars Story blasts into theaters on May 25th.