Major Story Spoilers Revealed In Soundtrack Track List For Logan


The marketing campaign for Logan has smartly managed to avoid giving away too many spoilers, but the track list for the official soundtrack sadly can’t say the same. How Fox has managed to let this leak online so early is baffling, but these things happen, and you can find the spoilers below if you’re interested.

Not only do these spell out pretty much the entire plot, but they confirm the presence of a character named X-24. We know that Laura is X-23, so who or what X-24 is remains to be seen, but it sounds like this villain will be formidable enough to take on Wolverine one on one in Logan.

One thing the soundtrack doesn’t reveal is whether or not the titular hero lives or dies, so at least that’s still a mystery going into the film. There’s also no mention of Professor X’s fate, though it seems like those forest scenes we’ve seen in the trailers come from later on in the movie, so we’ll let you decide for yourselves on that one.

So far, Logan has been generating a great deal of positive buzz, and with it now confirmed that we’re not getting a post-credits scene, hopefully the movie still has some surprises in store for us when it touches down next month.

If you’d like more of an idea of what to expect before then, be sure to take a look at the track list below!

1. Main Titles
2. Laura
3. The Grim Reavers
4. Old Man Logan
5. Alternate Route to Mexico
6. That’s Not a Choo-Choo
7. X-24
9. Gabriella’s Video
10. To the Cemetery
11. Goodnight Moon
12. Farm Aid
13. Feral Tween
14. Driving to Mexico
15. You Can’t Break the Mould
16. Up to Eden
17. Beyond the Hills
18. Into the Woods
19. Forest Fight
20. Logan vs. X-24
21. Don’t Be What They Made You
22. Eternum – Laura’s Theme
23. Logan’s Limo
24. Loco Logan
25. Logan Drives