Malcolm McDowell Gives Sheri Moon Zombie The Giggles In Halloween 2007 Bloopers


Rob Zombie’s two Halloween films remain among the most divisive entries in the franchise’s eleven-movie run. But regardless of whether or not you feel the filmmaker’s boldly unique approach to the property paid off, it at least looks like the cast had some fun along the way, with the director recently sharing a few behind-the-scenes clips of his wife and regular collaborator Sheri Moon Zombie getting the giggles.

For two movies, Moon played the part of Deborah Myers, the mother of the murderous Michael. Filling the shoes of Donald Pleasence, meanwhile, was Malcolm McDowell in the role of Dr. Sam Loomis, and when he and Moon shared a scene, apparently the latter had some trouble staying in character.

Rob Zombie posted this short blooper reel from the 2007 Halloween to Instagram, explaining in the caption that “Once Malcolm gave Sheri the giggles it was all over.”

In the wake of 2009’s Halloween II, which saw Deborah return as a ghost in Michael and Laurie’s visions, the franchise lay dormant for several years before 2018’s Halloween came out to critical and commercial success. But while David Gordon Green’s recent movie marked a return to the continuity of the 1978 original, Zombie went on record last year saying that he’s “still proud” of both his contributions to the series, adding that his intention with the two films was to “rework what Halloween was.”

In any case, while Blumhouse is reportedly pushing ahead with plans for a follow-up to Green’s Halloween, Zombie is currently at work on a sequel of his own, with Sheri Moon Zombie set to reprise her role from The Devil’s Rejects for the upcoming Three From Hell. Though a release date has yet to be set, the film is on course to come out later this year, at which point we can find out if it really is the “Rob Zombie masterpiece” that Bill Moseley said it is.

Source: Instagram