Malin Akerman Replaces Lindsay Lohan In Inferno

There was a time when I used to lust after Lindsay Lohan, before all her troubles I would have been completely behind Lindsay Lohan playing a porn star. Now, I nearly throw up just thinking about it. Lohan has managed to drive her stock into the ground over the past few years and truthfully she needs complete uninterrupted treatment if she will have even half a chance of salvaging her life let alone her career.

So, it’s probably best that the director of the upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic entitled Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story has replaced her with Watchmen beauty Malin Akerman. It’s really no surprise that she was replaced. Her personal troubles are way out of control and I’m shocked that she stayed in the film as long as she did. It was just a matter of time before she was going to get the boot.

I’d say this is a good choice, Lohan just can’t be taken seriously right now and until she gets her act together, hardly anyone will be able to take her seriously in anything. I like Malin, she’s a good actress and very sexy, looks like I might be able to sit through this movie after all.