Mama Director Andres Muschietti Will Direct Shadow Of The Colossus

andres muschietti

Hands up if you loved Mama! That sneaky little horror from Universal crept up from out of nowhere, landing a wodge of good reviews and a $146 million worldwide box office. Not bad for a small-time Argentinian director with few credits on his resume, right?

Well, as it turns out, Andres Muschietti may be a name you’ll be more familiar with in the future, as Sony Pictures has hired the director to tackle his first video game adaptation, Shadow Of The Colossus.

The Playstation mega-hit was a bestselling game for Sony, which sold 2.7 million copies. Commended by fans and critics alike for its realistic world building, the game adaptation is much-anticipated. Set in a fantasy world, the story follows a young man who believes his true love to be dead. Armed with the knowledge of a demon who can rouse the dead, he sets off into an epic world filled with a host of beasties. When he finds said demon, he learns that in order to pay the price for his lover’s revival, he must fight 16 colossi – massive monsters – that roam the plains of the land.

Sounds like a pretty dark game, which means it’ll likely be a corking fit for Muschietti. Mama dripped with darkness. So much so that in a lot of scenes the action was barely visible!

Muschietti will work from a script by Hanna scribe Seth Lochhead. Barbara Muschietti, who worked with her brother on Mama, and Kevin Bisher are both in line to produce. On Sony’s end, Michael De Luca will oversee the film, and had this to say about Muschietti:

“We knew we had our director once we heard Andy’s take on the material – it was genius. The themes, characters and supernatural elements of the story have incredible international appeal with fans of the game in the millions.”

Excited to see another video game adaptation? Let us know what you make of Shadow Of The Colossus in the comments section below.

Source: Deadline