The Man From Earth II: Man From Earth Millennium Launches Kickstarter Campaign

The Man From Earth

In 2007 The Man From Earth took the internet by storm, introducing a mind-boggling, completely compelling, science fiction concept to an unexpectedly wide audience. It was writer Jerome Bixby’s final work, and the film wasn’t made until almost a decade after his death. Now, six years after the film’s release, the filmmakers are listening to the audience cries for more, and making a sequel, Man From Earth Millennium. To fund the sequel, they’ve followed the recent independent film trend and launched a Kickstarter campaign for the project.

The sequel is being made by the original’s director, Richard Schenkman, and produced again by Eric D. Wilkinson. The man from Earth himself, David Lee Smith, is returning as well to star in the film. The page doesn’t reveal much about the plot, but it does list the anticipated pre-production start date as November of this year with a goal release of September 2014.

Backers can receive perks such as an early copy of the film, a shooting script, an original promotional screener of The Man From Earth, or for those of you with $10,000 to spare, a Co-Executive Producer credit complete with the option to give notes on the script and again on an early cut of the film. The goal is $175,000, but Schenkman makes it clear that they’d love to receive more, as the more money the film has, the more time they can afford to take on it.

Personally, I’m thrilled a sequel is getting made. The Man From Earth is one of my favorite sci-fi films of the last few years. It’s amazing how compelling the journey is, despite never really leaving the one location or having anything other than dialogue to propel the story along.

What do you think of The Man From Earth Millennium? Will you contribute to the Kickstarter? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.