Y: The Last Man Film Adaptation Picks Up Steam

Since 2003, comic book fans have been waiting with bated breath to see Y: The Last Man be transformed into a major Hollywood film, and hopefully lead into a massive franchise. To this point, numerous directors and writers have bounced around the long teased project and no real progress was ever made, but we finally may have positive news regarding Yorick Brown’s strange adventures.

Vulture is reporting that New Line Cinema has made Y: The Last Man a high priority after being pleased with a script penned by Jericho writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia, so much so that they have already started meeting with potential directors.

For those unfamiliar with Brian K. Vaughn’s widely popular graphic novel series, brace yourself for a one of a kind thrill ride.

In a dystopian world where a freak plague has killed off every male mammal on earth except for a man and his companion monkey, our hero Yorick holds the only known key to revitalizing humanity.

Traveling all over the US, Yorick’s primary goal is to find a brilliant cloning expert named Dr. Mann in hopes that she can uncover the key to man’s future survival, but of course nothing is that simple. Along the way, Yorick and his travelers must traverse broken down lands filled with gangs and delusional woman who have become maddened by the loss of all men, along with the apparent extinction of humanity.

Writing up those details alone just rejuvenated my anticipation to see Y: The Last Man done justice through Hollywood.

DJ Caruso (Eagle Eye) was the last director rumored to be attached, but that was almost two years ago. The fact that New Line is talking to other directors though makes me think his time has passed.

Y: The Last Man has potential to be a large-scale franchise starting film of epic proportions, building a “post-apocalyptic” world from the ground up filled with unique characters. I’m not saying it will be the next Lord of the Rings, but I believe New Line could be sitting on a cinematic goldmine based on the graphic novel’s vast following and deep, rich sci-fi story.

Considering that New Line Cinema has started meeting with directorial candidates but no names have been released yet, who would be on your short list to helm Y: The Last Man?