Y: The Last Man Finds A Director In Dan Trachtenberg


About four months ago I reported that New Line Cinema had put the film adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn’s graphic novel series Y: The Last Man on the top of their priority list, but a director was still nowhere in sight after numerous big names had come and gone. Well comic fans, it took a little bit of patience, but we can finally answer the question “Who will be bringing Yorick and his monkey companion to Hollywood?” and the answer is Dan Trachtenberg.

Wait, you don’t know Dan Trachtenberg, Key Grip on Phantasm IV: Oblivion?! No, I jest, because you absolutely should know Trachtenberg’s name as the brilliant director who created the short film Portal: No Escape – bringing Valve’s wildly popular robotic puzzle series to the almost big screen. Gamers rejoiced as the short captured all the gravity defying antics and Aperature approved devices with stunning realism – proving our young director has tremendous talent just waiting to be tapped.

New Line Cinema is looking to gamble on the young visionary, giving him a story many have tried to adapt – but no one has yet.

In short, Yorick is the last man on Earth (along with his monkey) after a deadly plague kills every last male mammal, and only he holds the key for his gender’s survival. He must travel far and wide to meet a brilliant cloning expert named Dr. Mann for help, and of course makes a few friends and enemies along the way. Oh, and don’t worry, that isn’t even the half of it, but for anyone who hasn’t read Vaughn’s comics, I seriously can’t do the beautiful work justice with only words.

One has to wonder how Trachtenberg will do though, as Y: The Last Man is a tremendous undertaking in scale. Yorick travels over desolate lands and vast terrain in his journeys, encountering many unique characters in a brand new post-apocalyptic world. I’m surely not doubting what our young star can do, but let’s just say Trachtenberg’s first directorial gig only brings to mind the phrase “baptism by fire.”

Jericho writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia were the last to re-write the existing script, but there’s no word on whether New Line wants to move ahead with the finished product or start over from scratch with Trachtenberg. We also have no information on who could possibly play Yorick and can’t even begin to speculate – even though Shia LaBeouf was considered a strong candidate when DJ Caruso was attached to direct. I highly doubt his name remains in contention at this point though.

So, there you have it – we’re one step closer to a Y: The Last Man movie. I’m personally thrilled that New Line Cinemas is giving this sci-fi property a much needed kick in the butt by hiring Dan Trachtenberg to direct, and can’t wait to hear when the first details come out. Will it be one film? A trilogy? No one knows just yet, but patience worked last time – so lets just try that again.

Oh yeah, for your viewing pleasure, check out Portal: No Escape to see what Trachtenberg is all about!

Source: [/Film]

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