The First RoboCop Trailer Shows Off A Sleek New Machine


If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the last few months holding your breath every morning as you carefully Googled “RoboCop” in hopes that the trailer magically dropped overnight while you were sleeping. Well if that’s the case, your wait is over, as the first trailer for Jose Padilha’s remake has finally hit the web.

This time around, Joel Kinnaman plays the half-man, half-machine crimefighter, and boy does he look awesome in the role. He’s helped along by the new black ED-209, which is the coolest robotic suit we’ve seen since Iron Man 3. Ok, that’s not all that long, but the suit’s still awesome, alright?

The trailer isn’t all that heavily focused on RoboCop though, as we barely get to see our titular hero in action. That doesn’t make it any less exciting though. We get to see clips of Alex Murphy becoming RoboCop, his interactions with his wife (Abbie Cornish), and Samuel L. Jackson touting Robocop as the future of American justice. Also featured prominently in the trailer are Michael Keaton as one of RoboCop’s designers and Gary Oldman as the doctor who helps fuse Murphy into RoboCop.

I’m a huge fan of Paul Verhoeven’s original, but unlike some fans, I’m happy the franchise is being modernized. This remake is certainly going to be different from the original, but one thing that seems to have been properly captured is the gritty, crime-filled world that makes having RoboCops seem like an inevitability. The original RoboCop is one of the most entertaining action and sci-fi films of all time, so hopefully this remake can come close to repeating that experience.

In addition to the trailer, we also have some new pictures from the film. While they don’t reveal anything revolutionary, the images provide another quality look at the film.

RoboCop hits theaters February 7th, 2014.

Check out the trailer and the images below and then head on down to the comments section to share your thoughts on RoboCop.