Man Of Steel 2 Fan Art Imagines Henry Cavill As Bizarro


Out of all the many DC movie ideas that Warner Bros. is throwing around at the moment, one that fans really want is a Man of Steel 2. Practically everyone agrees that Henry Cavill’s Superman deserves a second shot at a solo adventure, both to explore more of the resurrected version of the Last Son of Krypton from Justice League, and to introduce additional elements of his comic book mythology into the cinematic universe.

Seeing as we’ve already had the likes of Zod, Lex Luthor and Doomsday in the DCEU so far, one villain who seems to be a good candidate for Man of Steel 2 is Bizarro, Superman’s imperfect clone. Given that, it would make sense for Cavill to take on double duty and portray the villain himself, right? Whether you agree or not, we now have an idea of what that might look like.

Fan artist @Samuel_Cheve took to Reddit earlier this week and shared the piece below:

This costume is spot on for Bizarro. In the comics, the character wears a corrupted version of Supes’ outfit just like the one here, including the backwards version of the S emblem and the purplish and dirty-red color scheme. A nice touch is that it’s also moth-chewed and ripped. The face of Bizarro is where the artist has really got creative, though. In the comics, he has craggy, angular features. That might look a little silly in live-action, however, so the art gives him a deformed, scarred appearance instead. All in all, it’s a great design and one we wouldn’t mind seeing on screen.

But should we expect to see Cavill portray Bizarro in Man of Steel 2? Well, first WB would have to be actively working on a sequel, and we’re not sure that’s actually the case. Last year, things seemed promising as X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn was in talks to helm. Seeing as all’s gone quiet on that front as of late, though, and Vaughn’s got numerous other projects lined up, we’d hazard a guess that negotiations broke down.

All hope might not be lost, however, as Mission: Impossible‘s Christopher McQuarrie has shown interest in helming the Man of Steel sequel. If the studio can work something out with him, maybe we’ll see Henry Cavill take back to the skies in time for that rumored 2020 release date. Fingers crossed, eh?