Man Of Steel Meets The Hangover Part III In New Infographic


Imagine you’re Superman. Shouldn’t be hard because at one point in our lives (some later than others) we’ve all sported the red cape, threw our arms toward the sky and ran endless circles around the backyard. This would go on until mom brought us back to reality with promises of sugar-coated treats.

But what if the Man of Steel wasn’t exactly who you thought he was? What if he had a secret. A secret so heavily cloaked in mystery that even Clark Kent’s glasses would fog up from the shear disbelief. What if Superman liked to party…hard. What’s more, what if Superman liked to party hard with the likes of the Hangover 3 crew?

Enter the Superhero Hangover. A concept not many would entertain and even fewer could fathom. So now try to imagine you’re Superman again, or Zack Galifianakis if you’re into being short an hairy, and you’ve decide it’s time to let loose with the fellas…In Vegas…As a superhero with unlimited strength and otherworldly abilities. The infographic below offers up a scenario of what could possibly have gone down had these two cinematic groups joined forces for one night of unadulterated debauchery.

Take a look and tell us how you think a night like this would have gone down. Would the Man of Steel really have taken Mike Tyson’s tiger cage? Can a superhero even get drunk? How would your favorite superhero fair the likes of The Hangover Part III crew? Did I leave the oven on this morning? These questions must be answered for the greater good of humanity!