Superman Battles Black Adam In Man Of Steel 2 Fan-Made Trailer


It’s been years since Dwayne Johnson was announced to have signed up to play anti-hero Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe, and yet we’ve still to see the megastar turn up in the franchise. We’re not even sure when he’ll make his debut. Originally, Johnson was set to play the villainous role in 2019’s Shazam, but it’s since been revealed that this won’t be the case. Instead, a Black Adam solo film is in the works, but it doesn’t seem like that’s being hurried into production.

Now, one fan’s decided that we’ve done enough waiting and has imagined what it would look like if Johnson’s Black Adam battled Henry Cavill’s Superman. Previously, rumours stated that Adam would show up in Man of Steel 2the sequel to the 2013 movie that kicked off the DCEU and this week, YouTube user Stryder HD has brought those reports to life with the awesome fan-made trailer you’ll see above.

Imagining a sequel called Man of Tomorrow, the trailer cleverly uses clips from Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman Returns and augmented footage from Johnson’s movies to make a very professional-looking piece. The soundtrack is a nice mix of old and new, too, as John William’s iconic “The Planet Krypton” track from 1978’s Superman is used alongside Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel theme. As DCEU movies frequently do, the fan trailer also features a bunch of cool cameos. There’s Batman, Lex Luthor and even John Cena cast as Shazam.

Previous fan trailers from Stryder HD have included a universe-smashing Batman vs. Punisher crossover, which was fantastic as well. This one, though, is a lot more likely to happen in real life. Until it does, however, the trailer above does a great job of temporarily satisfying our craving to see Dwayne Johnson suit up as Black Adam. Be it in Man of Steel 2 or his own solo film.