Man Of Steel 2 Will Reportedly Be A Theatrical Release If Dwayne Johnson Produces


He might be the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, but Dwayne Johnson is also a savvy businessman with his fingers in an awful lot of pies. As well as producing his own onscreen output through his Seven Bucks Productions banner, the former professional wrestler recently led the consortium who purchased the XFL from his old WWE boss Vince McMahon, while he has a partnership with Under Armor, owns his own Teremana brand of tequila, dabbles in real estate and even launched an energy drink for good measure.

That kind of business acumen means he’s much more than just an A-list action hero and reliable box office draw, which could be good news for supporters of the SnyderVerse after the 48 year-old has regularly been named in recent reports as someone that’s firmly behind the idea of the DCEU continuing to mine Zack Snyder’s side of the mythology for inspiration following the success of HBO Max’s Justice League.

A new report from tipster Mikey Sutton now claims that Johnson wants to either produce or executive produce a Man of Steel sequel, which would finally see Henry Cavill get that second standalone outing that the fans have been crying out for since the summer of 2013. The insider also notes that it’d only be released in theaters, despite the constant chatter of HBO Max acquiring the SnyderVerse. And on a purely business level, that would certainly make a decent amount of sense.

After all, the only movies Seven Bucks have produced that don’t star Johnson are Shazam! and its upcoming sequel Fury of the Gods, and the title hero is obviously the archenemy of The Rock’s Black Adam, while Superman made a non-Cavill cameo at the end of the first film. Johnson’s business partner and ex-wife Dany Garcia is also the The Witcher star’s manager, so there are definitely plenty of pieces already in play to make Man of Steel 2 a reality should Johnson’s offscreen investment in the DCEU match up with Sutton’s information.