Bizarre New Batman Easter Egg Discovered In Man Of Steel


When we all shuffled into theaters to see Man of Steel back in 2013, we likely had no idea that Batman would take top billing in the immediate followup. Well, we did get hints pointing toward the beginning of a shared universe thanks to a Wayne Enterprises satellite putting in an appearance, but one can never be too sure.

As it turns out, that wasn’t the only tease for the Caped Crusader in that particular film, as an intriguing screenshot has been making its rounds over on Reddit. In this instance, the Easter egg is actually in “blink or you’ll miss it territory,” and appears when Superman’s fight with Zod spills over into the Wayne Financial building.

Granted, the poster in question is highlighted below, but it can be seen that a “Keep Calm and Call Batman” piece is adorning the wall. Being the kind of person I am, it’s hard not to think of Bruce’s employees having to look at this every day while not realizing their boss is a vigilante come nightfall.

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time DC-related things have been hidden in the background of movies released by Warner Bros. I’m sure many of you remember the “Batman vs. Superman” billboard in Will Smith’s I Am Legend, but what you may not know was that the video store he frequented also contained posters for Green Lantern and Teen Titans flicks. And though the former did come to fruition, the latter was a casualty of the writers strike, as it’d been pegged for a 2010 release.

All jests and factoids aside, we can only hope that recent rumors saying an announcement is imminent for Man of Steel 2 prove true because Henry Cavill sure as hell deserves to have his equivalent of The Dark Knight before he hangs up his cape. He’s already had his Batman Begins, if you will, so let’s let him fly solo once more.